The Super Bowl & Social Media…plus a few more pics

A great wrap up of Super Bowl in Indianapolis, from the online world point of view, as presented by Exact Target.  The ability to get such a clear snapshot of an event as big as the Super Bowl, with this short of a turn around, is a great testament to the power of online media.  Check out the stats.

Social Media and Super Bowl XLVI(Infographic)

Oh and here are a few more pics I shot from the Super Bowl festivities.   Check out the whole album HERE!

New Camera: New Super Bowl pics

Don’t get me wrong I love the convenience of my camera phone.  It gets the job done.   Today, however, I purchased a new Canon xSi and within 30 minutes of having it in my hand I was out in Super Bowl Village capturing the first of what will be many moments of Super Bowl week.  I’ve included some pics in this post, but you can find the rest HERE.  Enjoy!

p.s.  I’ll be adding more images as the big game draws closer 

Super Bowl Ads…why wait until the actual game?

Living in downtown Indianapolis there is no doubt that the Superbowl festivities are in full swing.  So really it should come as no surprise that the Superbowl ads are already generating buzz online, specifically car commercials.  Check out these three videos featuring Seinfeld, Ferris Bueller, and a choir of Star Wars dogs.


Seinfeld & Acura


Bueller & Honda


Star Wars & Volkswagen

Super Art for the Super Bowl: Indy showcases its rich culture

It comes as no surprise to those who know me that a sports nut I am not (shocking right…calm down)  But even I’m jazzed to have the nation’s largest sporting event blocks from my door.   In my three plus years living it the heart of  Indianapolis I’ve seen new hotels built, great restaurants open, and a SURGE of artistic expression all throughout the city.

My hope is this Super Bowl will show visitors that we are more than just a city where the Colts play. (all you nay-sayers spouting that Indy is not a “destination city”…to you I say “shhhh” 🙂 )  We are indeed a vibrant city with a vibrant culture all our own (I’ll touch on our great micro-breweries another time)   If you are visiting Indianapolis for the big game or if you live in the area, here are three great cultural  things happening in the city right now.


I posted a story about this in an earlier blog, but it bears repeating.  The 46 of XLVI is an amazing project put on by the Arts Council of Indianapolis that has turned drab building facades, overpasses, and much more,  into works of art.  Located throughout the city, you never know what masterpiece is just around the corner.  Below are some pieces I stumbled upon just the other week while on the canal.


If you don’t feel like driving/walking all around town…head over to TURF.  Taking place January 14 – February 5 in the old Indianapolis City Hall, TURF looks to “represent local Indianapolis and Indiana artists on their turf to the audience visiting for the Super Bowl, another event that takes place on turf, played by teams who will be representing their own hometown turf.”
Put on by the the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA), TURF  will introduce a national and international group of visitors to the world-class art galleries that are located in downtown Indianapolis.  The event will be free Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM – 7 PM.

I hope you take advantage of this truly inspired event.  I myself think it’s a tremendously original concept.


Finally, if you can’t make it to Indy, can’t get out of the house, or simply run out of time to see everything (which is quite possible) check out the musically artistry of some of Indy’s best right on your computer.

The XLVI Indy Music Project showcases 46 local Indianapolis bands in conjunction with the Super Bowl.  Each  band has a song available to download or embed on your own site.   I am a little late to the local music scene I must admit…so this online gem has proven to be invaluable.  In fact I have to give a shout out to Mr. Kinetik, a good friend and a true musical artist. His song is #5 on the list, but I’ve provided it below.  Check them all out for yourself, and if you like em….well then spread the love.

Hopefully I’ve wet your cultural palette and inspired you to check out a side of Indianapolis that you may not be all that familiar with.   I will be experiencing as much of the Superbowl as I can.  I just hope there is enough time to see it all.

Discovering art on a warm winter’s day…you read that correctly

The date is January 6th, 2012.
The temperature is 58 degrees.
I live in Indianapolis, IN.

I’ll let those three facts sink in for a moment…a moment…okay good.  Today is one of those days that you hardly ever see during the winter, so much so that you are almost required to take advantage of it.

I did just that.  Originally I planned to run out for a cup of coffee, maybe do a loop or two around Monument Circle including a part of the Cultural Trail, and then head back  to the apartment.   After  I did the first two things I mentioned I found myself headed down to White River State Park and eventually to the Canal, where I found these newly completed paintings.

These paintings are part of the beautification of Indianapolis leading up to the Superbowl, the 46 for XLVI, put together by the Arts Council of Indianapolis.  For the longest time I’ve seen the facades of buildings and overpasses getting a creative face-lift.  The transformation bodes well for the city.  Although today was the first chance I saw the completed works on the canal.   Combined with the mild temperatures, my little excursion felt more like a pleasant April afternoon.

If you live in Indy I highly suggest taking advantage of the next warm day and take a stroll down the streets, and canal, of downtown.