Lineposters: Subway Maps of Cities Around The World

Check out these works of art created by graphic artist Cayla Ferari and engineer John Breznicky.  What started out as a clever way to jazz up the walls of their NY apartment turned into a full fledged entrepreneurial endeavor.

The first version was a minimalist take of the NY subway system.  Today has versions representing transit systems from all over the world.

Check em out.  I’m tempted to buy a few myself.  If only Indianapolis had a  transit system worth emulating in poster form.  Aw shucks.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for first tweeting this story.  Can I send you the bill for the money I’m going to spend on this art, because of reading you tweet 🙂

Movie Posters: A modern take on cinema classics

Who can forget the days when posters were the decoration of choice for your bedroom walls.  For me, especially in college at least, my rooms were covered in poster prints.  A Swingers print here, a Pulp Fiction print, there…although I never donned a Scarface print. However, the days of buying cheap movie poster prints are long gone

…or so I thought.

My interest in movie prints has grown substantially over the past few weeks upon the discovery of some movie poster remakes.   These new posters are very eye catching and are a welcome change to the mass produced cheap versions of days past.

These new creations have minimal design elements, yet succeed in clearly identifying the movie.  My hope is that this type of artistic design will catch on, replacing the tired and overproduced versions we see today.  Take a look at some samples below from two artists.

The first works collection of work is from an artist that goes by Brick Hut.

The second collection is from a group called Moxy Creative.  These are available for purchase on their site  Credit also goes to James Alexander Mathers and Andrew Lau