Costumes, Casinos, and a Cause – “Photo Booth” @ Raising the Stakes for Noble of Indiana

Fundraising events are necessary for any philanthropic/non profit organization.   The more engaging the event, the better.   Last week I was asked to provide my photography skills for Noble of Indiana, and organization that “creates opportunities and provides learning disability services for the developmentally disabled to live meaningful lives in Indiana.”

“Raising the Stakes” is an annual event with a casino feel filled with a variety of staple casino games, and also includes a classy dinner and multiple raffles/auctions.   This year they added a “Photo Booth” where people could let loose and wear a variety of ridiculous costume items.   My job was to snap the photos, of course.

I’ve done the “Photo Booth” at several events around Indianapolis and I am continually surprised at how excited people get to pose for these pictures.   It’s a great addition to any event, raising the energy level and enthusiasm of everyone present.

I’ve provided a link  to the pictures on my Facebook business page below.  Take a quick look…I’m sure you’ll have a couple laughs.  Congrats to Noble of Indiana on a successful event.

“Photo Booth” @ Raising the Stakes for Noble of Indiana

Branding the Presidents: An exercise in political design

A fun exercise I found in political design…which is your favorite? Mines the Kennedy one.  Be sure to look through them all, although the author left out Obama down through H.W. Bush.

Branding the Presidents

Amazing Stop Motion – The Joy of Books

One of the first video projects I ever did in high school was a stop motion video.  Mine was about the Iron Chef.  It was terrible.

This stop motion video, however, is top notch.  Sean Olhenkamp and his wife, along with an army of volunteers, spent countless hours moving, stacking, and animating books at Type bookstore in Toronto (883 Queen Street West, (416) 366-8973).

Check it out.  I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was.

Indoor clouds – Weather as Art

It’s cloudy outside, why not blog about the clouds inside?

Photoshop…as many of you know…is my tool of choice.  I therefore can be quite skeptical about the authenticity of a beautiful image, especially if said image looks completely “photoshopped”

My skepticism was in full swing when I saw photos from artist Berndnaut Smilde, depicting nimbus clouds floating in an indoor space.   Surely this had to be the work of a Photoshop master.

How wrong I was.

By controlling temperature and humidity, the Dutch artist plays the role of a sort of gallery god…and the pictures are astounding.  Check out the full article HERE to read more and to see a video of the installation.

Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates indoor clouds – The Style Blog – The Washington Post.

Themed Facebook Covers: St. Patrick’s Day

Hello to all!

My apologies for my lack of blog posts this past week.   Rest assured that I am now back on track.

St. Patty’s Day just around the corner.  I felt it was only appropriate to design some themes Facebook Cover photos to celebrate.  I’ll be adding a few more in the coming days, but feel free to use the designs to spruce up your FB profile for the festivities.


Light Painting: When your camera is the canvas

Today I was checking one of my YouTube subscriptions Smarter Every Day, he’s like “Mythbusters” of You Tube, and today’s post was about Light Painting.  Light Painting is essentially using your camera as your canvas and light as your brush.  I’ve heard about light painting and seen a few of my friends post pictures on Facebook doing the same thing, even watched a handful of videos…although I just started to fiddle around with it.

Check out the links below to see (and learn) more


Smarter Every Day

As I just mentioned this YouTube channel is one of my favorites, with the perfect blending of educating and entertaining.  This week he worked with light painter Wes Whaley showcases the beauty, and science, of this new artform.  Click on the link under this video to check of Wes Whaley’s Flickr photos.  You won’t be dissapointed.

Check out more work by Wes Whaley HERE
…warning, your mind may be blown 🙂


Patrick Rochon & Aurora Crowley

This next video is actually from a web series from PBS, a series called Off Book.  Here Patrick Rochon and Aurora Crowley explain their craft.   Not giving anythign away when I say this, but what makes this video so great for me is that this light painters really stumbled upon a craft and immediately felt a calling to do it…I love the randomness of life.