My “Wham” Attempt

About a year and a half ago I became inspired to buy some canvas and paint.  Once the materials were bought the inspiration vanished and three blank canvases sat by the easel in my bedroom.  One November day in 2010 I am looking at some art images and came across one of my favorite artists…Roy Lichtenstein….and suddenly had the idea to try and recreate a work of his.

I decided to try my hand at “Wham!!’, one of my favorite Lichtenstein pieces.  I changed the original image to match the colors I had already bought and adjusted its size to fit for my canvas.  Below are the original and my finished version.

If you’d like to see my step by step process click here to see the album.

To be painting again reminds me that it is important to step away from the editing software from time to time, and to create something with your own hands.  I find the payoff to be equally as rewarding, if not more so.   I just hope the next painting doesn’t take me over a year to get to….ha ha ha :

What I started with
Well would you look at that