The genesis of the “LeFors Design” name

Hello and good day everyone!

I’ve taken the relationship with my company to the next level by becoming Facebook official.  Now that the social media world is aware of our existence,  I thought I would talk about the company name and how LeFors Design came to be.

“Wait, are you telling me LeFors Design wasn’t your first and only choice for a name?”, asked the imaginary person I just made up in my head for the purpose of this blog 🙂

Not by a long shot.

When I finally made the decision to move from freelancer to full fledged entrepreneur, I suddenly felt this IMMENSE pressure to come up with the perfect name.  Should I try to be clever with my name?  What if the name I come up with doesn’t catch on?  I wanted a name that would not only stand out, but would stand up against other names out there. It can be so hard to think rationally when you see companies like Mashable, Groupon, and Pintrest becoming household names.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of attention?

The company name went through many trial runs in my head.  There was Mooky Media, then Muktananda Productions, LeForth Wall Media, the names go on and on.  I became so overwhelmed by trying to find the perfect name that I lost focus on what was important, my actual business.

That’s when it hit me.

Our world is so interconnected now, especially online.   You can see what songs your friends like on Pandora, what stories were shared from the Huffington Post, or that Jimmy and Suzie both like “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross (who doesn’t like a happy little tree).  My company name didn’t have to be catchy, just recognizable to my peers browsing online.  Lucky for me LeFors is pretty unique.

By having a large Facebook community, simply using my last name to brand my company would be enough (for now).  Social media is going to play a big part in my initial growth.  It’s easier to familiarize yourself with “LeFors Design” when you know who “Jeff LeFors” is, and there aren’t a lot of “Jeff LeFors’ “out there to choose from. I know of only one other.

Hence, LeFors Design came into being.   It’s simple, straightforward, and you know exactly who you’ll be dealing with…which would be me…just in case you didn’t 🙂

Side note:  The first two company name ideas are in reference to my middle name, Muktananda, which is a story for another time.