Make It Count

A lot can happen in a day.  Imagine if you had 10.

Max Joseph and Casey Neistat created this video of their 10 day jaunt around the world.

If you are a fan of inspirational quotes,  you’ll like this video.
If you are a fan of traveling the world, you’ll like this video.
If you are a fan of seeing people embracing life, you’ll like this video.

Be sure to check out Max and Casey’s sites as well.  It’s always motivational for me to see people using their talents in such a cool way.

Bird’s eye view: Art as seen from above

“There is something new under the sun, every day, all over the world.
Around every corner is something that will surprise the hell out of you.
Atlas Obscura is for people who still believe in discovery.”

That little blurb is from one of my favorite sites Atlas Obscura, and today I’d thought I share three entries from their site.  The subject matter today highlights types of art that are best viewed from the air…and not hung on a wall.    These works can be found all over world, from rice fields in Japan to a memorial for a lost love in Argentina.  Take a few moments to click on links below and read up on a subject matter I bet you never even knew existed.

GIANT PINK BUNNY…yup you read that right