Brushes? We don’t need no stinking brushes.

What do fingers, gravity, and a basketball have in common?

If you guessed painting then you guessed right…congrats.  Today I’d like to share with you three artists who have ditched the traditional brush for something a little more outlandish.


Unknown:  The Finger Painter

What may sound like  just a simple kindergarten activity is actually one of the fastest examples of street art I’ve seen.  Imagine the “Joy of Painting” crammed into 3 minutes.  I had a hard enough time believing Bob Ross could paint a landscape in 30 minutes, this artist does it in 3…with just his fingers!  I’ve scoured the internet to try and find who this gentleman is, but have come up empty.  All I have is this video.  If you know his name please let me know.


Amy Shackleton:   The Gravity Painter

Using spray bottles, a mounted turntable, and the gravitational pull of the Earth, artist Amy Shackleton creates a beautiful urban landscape.  This mesmorizing time lapse shows Amy process using a method I had never heard of nor seen before.  After you view this video I highly suggest you check out her site  You won’t be disappointed.


Hong Yi  a.k.a RED:  The Basketball Painter

“I love to create art. Not with the usual paintbrush and watercolour and pencils though – I like to grab whatever I can get hold of – rocks, ketchup, milk, salt, shirts – and turn them into art. It’s more fun that way! “

I was going to write more about this artist, but the above quote from her site OhISeeRED pretty much sums it up.   Although I will add that this video time lapse of Yao Ming being painted using a basketball as the brush….well it is beyond comprehension.  I mean how do you come up with an idea like that!