Movie Posters: A modern take on cinema classics

Who can forget the days when posters were the decoration of choice for your bedroom walls.  For me, especially in college at least, my rooms were covered in poster prints.  A Swingers print here, a Pulp Fiction print, there…although I never donned a Scarface print. However, the days of buying cheap movie poster prints are long gone

…or so I thought.

My interest in movie prints has grown substantially over the past few weeks upon the discovery of some movie poster remakes.   These new posters are very eye catching and are a welcome change to the mass produced cheap versions of days past.

These new creations have minimal design elements, yet succeed in clearly identifying the movie.  My hope is that this type of artistic design will catch on, replacing the tired and overproduced versions we see today.  Take a look at some samples below from two artists.

The first works collection of work is from an artist that goes by Brick Hut.

The second collection is from a group called Moxy Creative.  These are available for purchase on their site  Credit also goes to James Alexander Mathers and Andrew Lau

Flu + Art = Surprising Google result

After 7 days of self quarantine,  I am finally getting over the flu.  November 2001 was the last time I had the flu, and I hope it’s another decade before I have to go through it again.

moving on…

On Sunday I was racking my brain on what to write about as the only thing on/in my mind was this flu.  So basically I sat down at my computer and googled “flu art” to see if I could get any hits.  Lo and behold I came across an artist on You Tube named Nathan Wyburn.  His video was titled “Swine Flu” Art…obviously this video was made a couple years ago.

Honestly this video is not my favorite, but it led me to some other fantastic work that he has done.  Wyburn reminds me of another artist I blogged about name  Hong Yi (AKA Red…check out her new video HERE where she’s painting with coffee)  Like Red, Wyburn uses various mediums to paint with,  from  ketchup to chocalate syrup to Simon Cowell on toast.

So thank you Google for your wacky search results.  You’ve helped me out of a bind and led me to discover and share another great artist.   I’ve included three of Wyburn’s videos below…and a bonus video.

I hope you enjoy.

The Colonel in Ketchup

Chocolate Syrup

Simon Cowell on Toast


BONUS VIDEO:  Painting with Coffee by Red