Facebook Store, The Want Button, Twitter’s Ad Platform, & the Mobile Election

An interesting podcast regarding the continued influence of social media…from advertising to politics, 2nd screen viewing, Twitter’s new Nielsen Brand Impact poll (interesting), and so much more.

Created by the group SoLoMo (Social Location Mobile), the podcast is about an hour long, and filled with a lot of info…but it’s a good listen.

Reminds me of the days when I tried my hands at podcasting 5 years ago.

Facebook Store, The Want Button, and Twitter Shapes Their Ad Platform.


Super Bowl Ads…why wait until the actual game?

Living in downtown Indianapolis there is no doubt that the Superbowl festivities are in full swing.  So really it should come as no surprise that the Superbowl ads are already generating buzz online, specifically car commercials.  Check out these three videos featuring Seinfeld, Ferris Bueller, and a choir of Star Wars dogs.


Seinfeld & Acura


Bueller & Honda


Star Wars & Volkswagen