you know a photo is really good when your first reaction is “oh that can’t be real”

CNN Photos

Before the movie “Twister,” before the Discovery Channel started running specials on storm chasers, before the channel even existed, Jim Reed was fascinated with weather.

He has been photographing the weather for 21 years, but it all started when he was a kid growing up in Illinois. “I would climb trees one summer, and that winter they’d be destroyed by an ice storm. That really makes a difference, when as a kid, something you can rely on is gone.”

While the weather sparked an interest, Reed went to the University of Southern California to learn to make movies, but again the weather stole his attention.

“One of the first things I recognized was that we were constantly being interrupted by the weather,” he said. “It got to a point where it was so annoying and in my face that I finally paused and had this epiphany where I just said ‘I’ve…

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