Some mind boggling dance moves for your Friday

I’d like to think I’m an adequate dancer, but I KNOW I’m an astounding dance floor performer/entertainer.

Dance is a craft that never ceases to amaze me.  Just when I think the human body can’t contort itself in any more ways…along comes a video that boggles my mind.  I have the utmost respect for those who dedicate their lives to discipline their bodies to pull off such amazing feats.   Heck it took four years for me to fine tune my signature “oops-I-dropped-my-car-keys-by-your-feet-now-let-me-drop-it–to-the-floor-and-grab-those-real-quick” routine 🙂

But I digress.   Below are three videos I came across towards the end of 2011 (the year of the dubstep).  While they are all in the same genre, each is equally mesmerizing  and worthy of your viewing time.

The first is from a dancer named Nonstop AKA Marquese.  You’ll probably recognize the remix of a certain Foster the People song.

I’ll slow it down for the next one, this time performed by a gentleman who goes by IGLIDE.

And lastly a 3-for-1 video with NONSTOP on the left and IGLIDE on the right.  I apologize that I could not locate the name of the guy in the middle…dancing starts at 0:38

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