A Birthday “Thank You”

1.18.12 was my birthday.
1.18.12 was a great birthday.
…and not in that “Dude that party was totally wicked!” kind
of way.

In our culture, for some reason, our birthdays seem to loose a bit of their luster, perhaps because we’ve run out of milestones that we look forward to.  I believe the last one is turning 25, where your insurance goes down and you can rent a car without any “under 25” rental fee.   And next year is the dreaded 30…..Oooooooooo….ha ha.

But why?

Why do we have to turn what we once bragged about (21) into something we dread (30)?  Today I had a birthday dinner with my family, something that hasn’t happened in 5 years as I do not live in my hometown anymore.  It was simple, but that’s all it needed to be.  Combine that with the Facebook comments and phone messages, and I became reminded of something I thought of after my 26th (the year after my last “milestone” birthday)

I shouldn’t be unhappy or downtrodden  that I am, again, one year older.  Rather, I should be thankful that I have another year of life to reflect upon and have friends and family who take the time to celebrate with me,  be it in person or by some other means.

This past year wasn’t the easiest of years for me.  The details are not needed as I’m sure we’ve all had those times (you’re welcome).   My perception of the world was shaken, and my view of myself even more so.  Yet out of that came clarity, a sense of purpose, and a rejuvenated spirit.

Now I’m not saying this “Eureka!” moment came today.  These events just happened to transpire between my 28th and 29th birthdays, like a really odd birthday gift that took a year to open.

When I turn 30 I’m sure I’ll do the same song and dance about “how old I’m getting”…but it’s just a farce.  In reality I look forward to every birthday, from who I celebrate it with to those that simply take a couple seconds out of their day to type…

“Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good one.”

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