Ingenious Art Project…MEGA mental block

Have you ever stared blankly at a canvas?  Have your fingers ever hovered over the keyboard before writing a big paper?  Does your brain ever feel like it’s nothing more than a collection of unimaginative thoughts strewn about…as so many crumpled balls of paper on a writer’s floor?   If so then you know how debilitating a mental block can be.

Today I am suffering a huge mental block regarding a project I am trying to complete, a project that I think at its core is very original.  Therefor I should have no problem completing it…but that is not the case.

I signed up  for The Sketchbook Project about three months ago.  To give you some background  the Sketchbook Project is put on by the Art House Co-Op with the Brooklyn Art Library every year,  involving artists from all across the globe.  Each participant is given a blank sketchbook, a subject matter (serving as a creative jump-off point), and a deadline by which to turn it in  . Once received, all submissions will be sent around the world as part of traveling exhibition before finally coming to rest in the Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection.  Additionally all sketchbooks submitted will be digitized and made available online.  Pretty cool right?

I’ve had my blank sketchbook in my possession for some time now.   My subject matter simply said “Sandwich”, and for the life of me I’ve been trying to find a creative way to move forward…but I can’t seem to commit.  I’ll start a train of thought that I believe is right but,  just before I begin to sketch, I second guess my choice.  So down the pencil goes, and the creative process turns over and over again in my head.

Is it a creative block, or creative indecisiveness?  I know I will eventually get over this hurdle…but today I felt the need to share my plight with others 🙂

Regardless of how I’m coming along, you should check out the Sketchbook Project for yourself.  It’s a great idea.

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