Discovering art on a warm winter’s day…you read that correctly

The date is January 6th, 2012.
The temperature is 58 degrees.
I live in Indianapolis, IN.

I’ll let those three facts sink in for a moment…a moment…okay good.  Today is one of those days that you hardly ever see during the winter, so much so that you are almost required to take advantage of it.

I did just that.  Originally I planned to run out for a cup of coffee, maybe do a loop or two around Monument Circle including a part of the Cultural Trail, and then head back  to the apartment.   After  I did the first two things I mentioned I found myself headed down to White River State Park and eventually to the Canal, where I found these newly completed paintings.

These paintings are part of the beautification of Indianapolis leading up to the Superbowl, the 46 for XLVI, put together by the Arts Council of Indianapolis.  For the longest time I’ve seen the facades of buildings and overpasses getting a creative face-lift.  The transformation bodes well for the city.  Although today was the first chance I saw the completed works on the canal.   Combined with the mild temperatures, my little excursion felt more like a pleasant April afternoon.

If you live in Indy I highly suggest taking advantage of the next warm day and take a stroll down the streets, and canal, of downtown.

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