The Facebook Page

Hello and good day to all.

I’m spending some time today getting my Facebook page together, something I’ve been putting off for a few weeks now.  It’s not that I’m procrastinating…okay so maybe I am procrastinating…but really I wanted to take my time getting the page together.

Your Facebook newsfeed can easily become flooded with requests from all sorts of characters asking you to become their fan.  They have become what spam is to email, with most fan pages being nothing but a static waste of virtual space.  People loose interest in the pages they become fans of, because the page does not engage the viewer in any way.  I’m working to ensure my LeFors Design page does not share in that fate.

Sure I could have just launched my Facebook page with the basic info and have been done with it.  Send out fan requests and then call it a day.

Here’s the problem.

Friend gets request.  Friend sees page.  Friend becomes fan because he is your friend.  Friend never has interaction with fan page because you only provided the basic info.  Friend forgets he is even a fan of your page.

My goal is to use my page as a means to frequently communicate with my supporters.  Contests, polls, discussions, fan input….I want my fan page to be an enjoyable experience, with people coming back in larger and larger numbers, feeling that they really are an important part of my business.

In a way I want  my fans to not only be my biggest supporters, but my most honest critics.

Here’s the site.  Go check it out…of course it’s a work in progress


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