My first travel post!

If you are a friend of mine, you’ve most likely heard me talk about one of my favorite sites on the web Atlas Obscura.   The site is a collection of unique, quirky, and sometimes “other-wordly” places that exist around the world.   To better summarize what Atlas Obscura is…perhaps their mantra posted on their site would be best

“There is something new under the sun, every day, all over the world.  Around every corner is something that will surprise the hell out of you.  Atlas Obscura is for people who still believe in discovery.

We hope that’s you.”

Every time I browse the site I learn something, and makes me want to travel more and more and more (no offense Indiana).  Today I got to contribute some of my pictures and videos to the site, particularly an entry about Mesa Verde National Park.    

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 I took the photos in March 2010 while I was in Durango, CO for work.  Not a bad place to have some free time.    It was a real thrill to contribute to Atlas Obscura.  I wish the organization nothing but the best and will continue to support and hopefully contribute to again some day.

Enough of the chatting…here is the article


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